Best lighting ideas for Dining Rooms

Best lighting ideas for Dining Rooms

The dining room is quite a unique place. It’s possibly the only room in the house where any type of lighting will fit.

You have a dining table to hang pendant lighting over, and wall, floor and sideboards for every type of light and fitting.

Over table

The main feature point has to be over the table. Obviously there are many styles of pendant light to choose from, but what do you do if your table isn’t central to your existing light fitting point?

We sell many pendants with longer drops. These can be hung at the fitting point and then hung over your table using wires (see image below).

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Wall lights

If you’ve found the right pendant, how do you find the right wall light to match? Try typing the name of the fitting in the search. For instance, you’ve found an Alexandra chandelier but need matching wall lights – simply type ‘Alexandra’ into the search and it will display matching wall/table/floor lamps etc.

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