Best lighting ideas for Living Room Lighting

Best lighting ideas for Living Rooms

Living rooms have always been a tricky area to light. So what are the best idea’s for lighting a living room? Well the main problem has always been that most living rooms have quite low ceilings. To combat this, there are a huge number of lights that ‘hug’ the ceiling – or as we know them ‘fluch lights’. There are also ceiling lights that don’t hang too low (semi-flush) and if you’re searching for ceiling lights, the best terms to use are flush & semi-flush.

People also spend a lot more time deciding on wall & picture lights, as well as floor lamps and table lamps – again these can be used as statement pieces.

Feature light

A feature light doesn’t generally have to be something that hangs on your ceiling. You can use a very prominent floor or table lamp for your feature lamp. Let’s be honest, how many people actually use their main ceiling light in their living room on an evening. If you start with a wall light or floor lamp, you can usually find the flush or semi-flush ceiling light to suit.

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table and floor lamps

This should be your first choice when finding the perfect lighting for your living room. Look through the table and floor lamps and then find a ceiling light to compliment your main floor and table lighting.

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mood lighting bulbs

A great way of creating moods for reading, watching TV, romantic nights or anything else, is to use LED Colour changing bulbs in your living room lights. All remote controlled lights sold by Designer Lighting Outlet have pre-programmed settings to create everything from Fire-Side lighting to Romantic lighting.

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