Best lighting ideas for multi-function rooms

Best lighting ideas for multi-function rooms

The key to multi-function room lighting is to be able to set the right mood for the right occasion. You can utilise your existing lighting using colour changing bulbs, with remote control to set the light/colour to suit the occasion. You can also strategically place LED strip lighting (which also comes as RGB with a remote) to create the same effect.

Remote controlled lighting

Many people are not aware of colour changing lighting products such as the iDual range. These lights can be bought as bulbs (complete with remote control) so you can effectively create any mood with your existing dining room lights. From warm white for serious intimate dinner parties, to multi colour changing for parties and cocktails.

Buy colour changing LED lights HERE

styles of light fittings

You can fit many styles of lighting into a multi-function room environment. We have every type of light imaginable. If you’re looking for a glamorous crystal style, of a retro vintage look, we have various lighting in every style to create your perfect multi-function room.

View multi-function room styles HERE

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